Wednesday, October 3, 2012


2010 was a period of reflection and in the fall of that year I started the work on my Master's...

I had been working with the 3 head high figure, I find stylized characters are greatly enhanced when you get away from the classic 7-8 high figure. It forces the artist to exaggerate the elements through out the toon in order to make everything work in proportion.

Silhouette work, such as this axe, starts out as a black solid mass in the general shape that you want and then gets colored within the boundaries of the shape until complete.Some refinement on the shape is fine as long as you don't get bogged down on how it's supposed to look vs. working with what you have.
Here's another example, (provided by the DAC on deviant art). The blue outline represents the given shape. The final result should emulate the shape. Adding some mass is OK as long as we can see where it started.
Asajj Ventress done in a Chris Sanders style for a friendly comp on DevinatArt. and the process of how I arrived at the figure. Some anatomy issues, even in this stylized figure and I generally don't use tracing paper in my process, but I wanted to build it as you would a paper doll. The lightsaber effect is done in Photoshop.

                                                                      Docking Station

A concept of a docking station I did for Blackheart Games "Universe Alliance". This was an indie online group attempting the daunting task of putting together a FPS in space. The docking station was going to be a refuel and rearming point.

 An interior rough from the comic book cover shown in 2009. It's a little too Highlander. Need to revisit the idea.

 Here's the SWAT Team mentioned earlier as well. It could use more love, but the basic idea is down.

These ar marker roughs (about 2.5x4 inches each) showing an opening shot to a story. There were 8 all together (though I can't locate the one I used). Marker requires one to work larger, but at the same time gives a nice sense of value in the forms.

Close up and clean up of one of the rabbits in the following pose sheet. Pentel Brushpen and ProWhite, the images are about 4-6 inches tall.

A very fun set to do which I spent about two days on. The paper used was a cheap drawing paper since it was a largely experimental method for me. Were I to do this again, I would use quality illustration board.

Some hand transferred images out of my sketchboook. Often I will revisit an idea in blue pencil (these are given a black outline to make them 'pop' a bit more. (Enhanced in Photoshop for posting to the web)

Ballpoint pen 'thumbnails'. An inch or two square, these 'scribbles' represent ideas for much larger pieces. It's an exercise on putting ideas on paper as fast as possible...even this small, you can make out what the pic should eventually look like.

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