Friday, October 5, 2012


2012...Which brings this blog to this year.

I finished my work on the Master's and while I didn't get the final result I was working toward, the time in school gave me a good body of work to continue to build on and more importantly set a precedent for finishing work out.

Are we as artist's ever really done searching for the truth in a piece though? I don't think so. Revisions, sequels and sketchbooks are all part of the process for working through an idea, even if that idea is completed.

 With these flour sacks done in Dr. Martin's Hydrus Watercolors , this work shows the many possibilities that could be used to give more character to a flour sack. A search of the web will show what other artists have done.
 A 3D model test with realistic lighting and textures really doesn't set off what should be a cartoon character. Another batch of test (and a new model) will be required.
Demon Girl and Pet
As for the Demon Girl, she went on to be finished in digital paint at a size of 22x29. In the future, though, I'll make sure that a final work fits into an off the shelf frame.

Tatyana and Zink
Done in Painter this time, the characters here were a long time in getting to color. Sometimes an idea needs years to grow....that's just the nature of the job. Just make sure it's you're own idea you're allowing to simmer and not a clients...they wouldn't like that...:)

Not everything is going to work out that well. This was an experiment in a 3D/2D mix. The stage was 3D, lit with a mixture of 3D light and 2D effect...the trim was vector and the driver of course 2D painted.

More practice with watercolor and color pencil. I prefer this method for graphic/comic book work.

Softened wax-based color pencil with Grumtine I believe.

Other blue pencil sketchwork for painting ideas that haven't seen the light of day yet.

The first thing I tackled out of school was a animation rig for 3DS Max. It ran about 170 hours in work and is currently under a vast revision for the Beta release. The character was provided by The 11 Second Club, an online community of professional an amatuer animators.


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