Sunday, September 16, 2012

2001-2002 Continued...

   During this time, I was also developing Snoggle and friends. As I had said earlier, the original idea came from a blurred picture I had taken in DC in 1998. An artist tends to create a great deal of reference from many different sources. This might include photographs that you take yourself, books, saving images from the internet or just simply taking the sketchbook outside and drawing what you see.

  They were quite 'raw' back in the day. One however, went on to be Snoggle. You'll also notice that the linework is confident, but still in need of maturity. The beginning of my 'style', or more specifically, the method I feel most comfortable using when creating, is only just starting to show itself.

  I should take a minute to discuss style. 

  Style is not looking at a favorite artist and doing what he (or she) does. That's copying. When an artist takes this approach, it immediately is recognized as amateurish. Your work could be excellent, but the execution in someone else's voice will be evident.

  And that's exactly what style is....your voice, shouting to the world.."This is my Work!".

  After a while (translation *years), the audience will see something you did and know that it was you that created it.

  Be prepared however, to wait a long time. The more effort one puts into the development of work, the shorter the wait.


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