Friday, September 21, 2012


   2007 was largely the year I put more color into my work. Working in both digital and traditional methods, the base drawings were things done in ballpoint pen scattered through my sketchbooks.

Pug body studies

   There were several 3D forum contests running that year. My 3D stuff wasn't that strong, but I would typically contribute a concept piece for what I had in mind. In these earlier days, it was more important to get the idea out. You work with a new method long enough the execution will improve, but it takes a lot of effort.

   The dwarf Mulch was another exercise in concept for a 3D toon. In this case, the work was done in colored pencil. I found it to be quite controllable of a medium. The object was to show a character through three different periods of their life. I chose to do a pirate themed dwarf who starts off as a burly sailor, then later becomes an officer and finally a pirate captain. 

 They are about 6-7 inches tall. This also touches on a character that needs to look like it's the same toon, whether it's young or old. Generally you want to focus on a couple of keypoints in the design and carry that through.

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