Monday, September 17, 2012


    Working up to the Snoggle piece, I set about to create seven characters as a group. Their names would all start with the prefix "Sn". They were supposed to be a ragtag group of warriors out on the fringes of the explored world. They would never be in any battles as they had perfected how not to 'become involved in such nonsense', but never-the-less, the group would always be a laugh.

  Snoggle would begin like all the others, an idea and a head to go with it. The side torso sketch I did came in 20 minutes while talking on the phone. Let it not be said that the sub-conscience wanderings of the mind are invaluable to the artist! Little has changed on this character since that day. Whatever side I draw the head and feel most comfortable with, is traditionally the side I will first draw the body. Dynamic poses come much later. First, we must train our hand to draw what our mind sees.

  Snuggle, was supposed to be the female role model in the group. From her softer features to her Valkyrie helm, she exemplifies courage, honor and beauty. Mind you, these sketches were done a long time ago and I know they are quite raw, but it helps to have at least some story in order to be more successful at designing a toon.

 General Snokkum is a retired military tactician. He would be the guy who always assumes that he's the leader, but as the characters do their own thing, he really doesn't lead very much. In fact, he's more likely to spend his days talking about great campaigns of the past than actually doing anything useful.

Snout was the pompous and arrogant noble essentially 'slumming' it. He is always trying to impress Snuggle with his pedigree, but to no avail. He has the best armor, weapons, tent and gear, but he also will have another character to keep everything neat, clean and orderly.

  I don't think I ever gave this fellow a name, but I know he was a hothead and always ready to charge head first into trouble. He also had a crush on Snuey, who comes next.

 I saw Snuey as a girl who was trendy to the point of being impractical...I mean who wears fishnets and mini skirts out into the jungle? For her, anything short of 'fun' would be lame.

  One thing that was always evident was that the group never had enough to eat, but their Chef Snowball, was always happy and full.

 I've written several pages of storyline on these guys, but what happens when the idea's don't come anymore? They call this writer's block. I think that choosing if you are going to be an artist, means giving up time to developing any detailed story. An artist should be able to describe in a few sentences what his idea is about, but beyond can leave the writing to those who chose that path and spend more time at the drawing table. It takes a certain creative force to be able to handle both tasks without sacrificing the quality in either.


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